Battlefield 4 DLC Responsibilities 200 Eliminates with Assault Rifles 200 Kills with Primary Battle Tanks 300 Meter Headshot (Accumulative) Needs are hidden on Battlelog until unlocked. A skull is situated in the low left hand corner of the page. Enter the code bumpinthenight when encouraged to discover the requirements once engaged. 200 Kills with Pistols 20 Kills with Jets 2 Shotgun Ribbons in a Round Specifications are concealed on Battlelog until revealed. A mind is situated in the low left hand place of the page that was leaderboard. Enter the code epic dream worlds when persuaded to uncover certain requirements once engaged. Person must finish 20 Fly eliminates initially before 2 ribbons depend towards the task and 200 Pistol kills. 200 LMG Kills 50 Kills with Explosives 25 Roadkills Requirements are concealed until unlocked on Battlelog.

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